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Long Way Home Adoptables

What’s better than a night at Santa’s Wonderland and a cup of hot cocoa? A night at Santa’s Wonderland and a cup of hot cocoa with some furry friends! Our longtime friends, Long Way Home Adoptables, came out to the park last weekend and brought some dogs and kittens that are available for adoption!

Long Way Home Adoptables is a nonprofit organization that saves animals regardless of age, health, or species. Some may be healthy pets in an over-capacity shelter, some may need serious veterinary care, some are pregnant, and others may be animals used for medical experiments or sold for meat slaughter overseas.

We have partnered with Long Way Home Adoptables for the past 4 years and have been able to donate over $67,000 to their mission through the Cocoa for a Cause campaign! Thank you, Long Way Home Adoptables for taking care of so many animals and helping our furry friends find loving, forever homes! To learn more about Long Way Home Adoptables and support their mission, visit

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