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Cocoa for a Cause...Museum of the American G.I.

Throughout the season, Santa’s Helpers work hard to make world-famous hot cocoa for all to enjoy. However, our neighbors, The Museum of the American G.I., work just as hard all year long to keep the living history of the American Servicemen who served our country and continue to do so. They proudly work to maintain and display historical uniforms and the equipment that have been used to keep our nation free. Their goal is to increase the public’s appreciation of the American Servicemen and women through educational programs, static and living history displays as well as historical re-enactments. Over the past 4 years, we have partnered with the Museum of the American G.I. and have been able to donate over $17,000 to their goal through the Cocoa for a Cause campaign.

Thank you, Museum of American G.I. for being such great neighbors and providing our community with amazing education and appreciation for our American Servicemen and women! To learn more about the Museum of the American G.I., visit their website at:

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