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Brazos County First Responders Association

2019 brought Santa’s Wonderland tons of new attractions, but it also brought back a beloved Cocoa for a Cause charity! Last year we partnered with the Brazos County First Responders Association and we were so honored to welcome them back this year on November 23rd to benefit from Cocoa for a Cause. The Brazos County First Responders Association works to provide support to law enforcement and firefighting/EMA professionals and their immediate families when the First Responders are injured or killed in the line of duty, or are experiencing other life-altering situations.  Although they are one of our newest partners to join us for Cocoa for Cause, we are so thrilled to partner with them throughout the year, including hosting their First Responder BBQ! Over the past two years through Cocoa for a Cause, we have been able to contribute over $17,000 to help in their mission to assist and support local Brazos County first responders and their families during times of need. Thank you, Brazos County First Responders Association for being such a light in our community by giving back to those who give so much to us!

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